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This is the blog of the freemusicdemixer site. The aim is to provide content related to music demixing, to help users figure out this website, and the overall landscape of stem separation.

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Merging our Free and Pro sites

2024-06-24 | Category: announcements
Announcing the merging of our free and PRO websites in one convenient UI!

New fast Demucs v3 model and Spring 2024 updates

2024-05-13 | Category: announcements
Adding our new and fastest AI model Demucs v3, and more Spring features!

Multi-threading Demucs: overlap-adding on two levels

2024-02-23 | Category: under-the-hood
How we use Demucs to process overlapping segments in two places (Javascript and C++) for multi-threaded demixing in the browser

PRO site has been launched!

2024-02-17 | Category: announcements
Creating ensemble models for better demixing 📈

Demucs is now 25% faster

2024-01-15 | Category: announcements
Making the Demucs v4 hybrid transformer model 25% faster without any code changes 🚀

Demucs is now available on this site

2023-12-08 | Category: announcements
Demucs v4 hybrid transformer is a very powerful AI model for music demixing, and it's on this website 😎

Music demixing, song splitting, stem separation: what's the difference?

2023-11-24 | Category: getting-started
What's in a name? An analysis of the different names used to refer to the task of separating a mixed song into its isolated stems.

How we run an AI model for free in your browser

2023-10-23 | Category: under-the-hood
An overview of how is built and how it lets you run an AI model for free in the privacy of your own browser.

Beginner's guide to getting free stems with free-music-demixer

2023-09-23 | Category: getting-started
Hello! I'm the creator of this site, and this post describes how I use my own website to get stems from mixed songs for free.