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Welcome to Free Music Demixer! Turn any song into a karaoke track in just a few clicks. Perfect for parties, events, or just singing along to your favorite tunes at home.

How it works

Creating a karaoke track is easy with Free Music Demixer:

  1. Prepare your song: Choose any song you want to turn into a karaoke track and ensure you have the file (mp3, wav, aac, opus, etc.) available on your computer
  2. Remove Vocals: Our advanced AI technology will remove the vocals, leaving you with a high-quality instrumental track. We use the advanced Demucs AI from Meta Research, powered by the same Transformer technology used by ChatGPT
  3. Download and enjoy: Save your karaoke track and start singing!


  • Free: use the free tier of our site or Android app
  • Totally private: your files stay on your device (browser or Android phone) and are never uploaded to any server
  • Easy to use: Our user-friendly interfaces makes creating karaoke tracks simple and quick; visit our beginner’s guide for additional help
  • High quality: Get professional-grade instrumental tracks with clear, crisp sound
  • Multiple formats: Export your tracks in various formats suitable for any device
  • Two-source karaoke model (Pro): For the ultimate karaoke experience, upgrade to our PRO subscription for the two-source karaoke model with exceptional vocal/instrumental separation

Which AI model to use?

Any of our free models (Demucs 4-source, 6-source, and v3) can be used for vocal and instrumental separation. From the PRO/paid models, the specialized two-source vocal/karaoke model gives you extra high-quality vocal separation:

ai model comparison

Web version

Recording Studio

For the best experience, use Free Music Demixer on your computer. Whether you’re hosting a karaoke night or practicing your singing, our web app provides high-quality demixing right from your browser.

Benefits of the web app

  • Advanced demixing: Use powerful AI to remove vocals from any song with precision
  • High-Performance: Leverage the power of your computer to process tracks quickly and efficiently. Choose up to 32 GB of memory to use multithreading and get your tracks faster!
  • Free and pro options: Enjoy basic features for free, or upgrade to our PRO subscription for even more advanced capabilities

Android app

Smartphones with Karaoke App

Take your karaoke experience on the go with our Android app. Perfect for spontaneous singing sessions or parties, our app brings the power of vocal removal to your smartphone. Record live performances, capture songs from other apps, or upload your own music for impromptu karaoke parties.

Benefits of the Android app

  • Portable and convenient: Create karaoke tracks anywhere, anytime
  • User-friendly: Simple, intuitive interface designed for mobile users
  • Live music recording and app capture: Record live performances or capture songs from other apps for instant karaoke
  • Free and pro options: Access basic features for free, or upgrade for advanced functionalities and unlimited use
    • The same PRO subscription as the website with the custom two-source karaoke model is available on the Android app with the same subscription!

Get the Android App here!

Why choose Free Music Demixer for karaoke?

  • Completely free: Create and download karaoke tracks without any cost
    • Optional PRO subscription provides higher-quality separation
  • Totally private: your files stay on your device (browser or Android phone) and are never uploaded to any server
  • No downloads required: Use our web app directly from your browser
  • Professional quality: Achieve studio-quality results with minimal effort
  • Two-source karaoke (PRO): For the ultimate karaoke experience, upgrade to our PRO subscription for professional two-source karaoke models with exceptional vocal/instrumental separation


Q: How do I remove vocals from a song?
A: Simply upload your song to our platform, and our AI will remove the vocals for you.

Q: Is Free Music Demixer really free?
A: Yes, you can create and download karaoke tracks for free. We also offer a PRO subscription with additional features.

Q: Can I use Free Music Demixer on my phone?
A: Yes! Download our Android app to create karaoke tracks on the go.

Q: What formats can I download my karaoke tracks in?
A: You can save your karaoke tracks in the wav format, compatible with any device.

Contact us

Have questions or need support? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Free Music Demixer is your one-stop solution for AI-based music demixing and stem separation. Visit the home page to learn more.