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AI music demixer powered by Demucs

Effortlessly split your songs into individual stems - vocals, bass, drums, and melody - using the best and latest AI model in our free web application. It runs locally on your device 🫵🏽, ensuring unlimited usage without any restrictions. Powered by the Demucs Hybrid Transformer AI model, created and maintained by Sevag H. If you want the power of Demucs in your pocket, download our app directly from our site.


Demo clips and product info

Segments extracted from the song Jaxius - Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) to showcase our models:






Pro (deluxe)






Subscribing to our PRO tier unlocks more instruments and stems (piano + guitar) and higher-quality AI models on both the web app and the Android app, and access to microphone, app capture, and custom mix features on the app! The same subscription gets you access to pro content on both the web app and Android app!

For customer support, privacy policy, refund policy, or to manage or cancel your subscription, see the support page.

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Demixer app

Reminder: your subscription can be used on the Android app

There is a MAX MEMORY option to speed up demixing and support longer songs!🚀🔥 We have tested up to 32 GB in Firefox and 16 GB in Chrome. Read the beginner’s tutorial if you need help.


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Disclaimers and updates

  • ⚠️ We take code quality seriously! For bugs or requests, open a GitHub issue, or message us on Instagram or by e-mail
  • 💻 If you experience crashes, try a different MAX MEMORY setting (lower or higher!)
  • ⚖️ 📄 Model weights and outputs are governed by the Meta Research license
  • Input files can be almost any audio format, but the outputs are always stereo wav files @ 44100 Hz

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